Magic Lantern for Canon 550D, features list

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colin rowe
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I have installed the last 4 versions without any problems. the guys writing this firmware are introducing new options daily. It transforms the cameras useability beyond belief. Below are the features of the latest version.

 GUI menus: press the ERASE button to display them
 Bit rate control (QScale parameter) for the H.264 encoder
 Zebra stripes for overexposed / underexposed areas
 Spotmeter, histogram
 Cropmarks (16:9, Cinemascope, Fisheye)
 Simple intervalometer
 Trap Focus: camera takes a picture when something comes in focus
 Wireless trigger with the LCD face sensor & your own hand
 AE bracketing (like on 5D2 ML)
 Rack focus
 Stack focus (Live View only)
 Lens data computation
 Onscreen audio meters
 Manual audio gain, selectable input source, disable AGC and digital lters
 Display time remaining during video recording
 Debug functions (display CMOS temperature, screenshot, logging)
 Fine tuning for ISO and shutter speeds; also ISO 25600
 Kelvin white balance for video mode
 Clean LiveView display without any overlays

Colin Rowe

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hi colin

interesting stuff -

have a look a this thread if you havent already

the issue had been the box icon in the corner not going away , someone had suggested using magiklantern

I want to do some live capturing from a 550D (i dont own one yet) to a PC ...I want SD not HD - Am i being naive thinking I could achieve this from the USb output - or is that how I would monitor it

-here is a comment from that thread
Since I am not recording video to the camera, there is no need to be in the video mode. Therefore, I simply put the camera in a still mode (I selected the M mode), then pressed the camera icon button, which appears to open the shutter. From there, you get what I assume is Live View on the monitor. It provides a 4:3 image through the composite USB output. This allows for perfect recording with my other system (a DV flash recorder)!

anyway i thought I'd run it past you as you seem like a keen user -
I was thinking the way to do it would be to output mini HDmi to a blackmagic intensity card

any comments would be gratefully recieved

all the best

colin rowe
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Hi Will.
Can't really help with your query, never tried it and dont have a Blackmagic card. I use the 550D as b cam to my EX1, always recording to card. I dont see why you couldn't achieve what you want to do. Check out these sites, they will probably give you the answers you need.

Colin Rowe