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Most of my audio is for video so I rarely have to do projects that are purely audio. Though I have worked in recording studios occasionally my job there as an assistant ended with the recording. However I have a project coming up that will require me to produce a Master CD for replication and so I'm asking for a little advice.

I am using my Edirol R-4 to record (96kHz, 24-bit) and probably a combination of my Rode large diaphram mic, my Senheiser 416 or one or more of my other pro-quality microphones at a clients location. I will then be mastering using Nuendo on my Mac, so it's professional quality equipment at every stage.

The question I have is then the best way and media to produce the master CD. Can anyone recommend a manufacturer and model of CD media that will be suitable for use to master from my mac? Will I be ok burning it to the Macs superdrive or should I connect an external CD recorder and do it that way?

I can bypass the soundcard via my Yamaha 01X digital desk so the output is analogue or fully digital, but that all depends on the capability of the external CD recorder if that is the route I take.

Any recommendations gratefully received. :D

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I always use HHB Recording Media for consistant high quality and reliability.

Burn at slow speed on a quality burner (I use a Plextor in my PC).

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