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this morning on the way to work I decided to stick my head into WH Smith and check out the new issue.

For the second month in a row I left without the CV, I did get another camcorder mag though.

The reason, nothing really grabbed me in CV, the mag i did buy had the following articles

a multipart guide to making short films
an article on editing techniques
an article on recording live performances
a guide on doing voice overs
plus its usual assortment of reviews etc.

Maybe I didn't look closely enough, but the impression I got from the index page of CV was that it was pretty much just filled with product reviews. I appreciate that CVs reviews are excellent and go into far greater detail than most, but at the moment after effects is not high on my agenda, I already have a storm which I'm not planning on replacing, the extigy does look very cool, but again I'm not in the market for one, and that would then leave me paying 3 quid for a couple of colums potentially.

I guess in summary, could we please have some more "technique" articles to go along with the reviews.

Obviously the articles listed above which interested me could be classed as being outside the CV scope, but how about an article that details the process of making a TV ad that used lots of computer generated effects etc, and then how that could be replicated on a smaller scale. Or an article on setting up a video editing studio/workstation environment with tips on audio monitoring, discussions on video monitors and how to get output to them, how to calibrate the colours on the monitor.

I used to buy the mag every month, without even looking at the index, the standard of writing has always been great, and I've always appreciated the lack of typos etc that seem to find their way into alot of other magazines. I would like to get back to not surveying the index and just buying it.



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I completely agree with what you say in your thread.

It took me around ten minutes to read this months mag, mainly because I have no interest in any of the products reviewed this month or for that matter any other month.

I have a dual 1gig Storm system that I am very happy with and I am not in the market to change any of my video kit.

With the exception of a couple of pages of news the mag was a complete waste for me.

This is not just an attempt to criticise, but rather an attempt to encourage more 'how to' type articles.

For those who are happy with their set up the mag is rapidly becoming a production to buy if something on the cover grabs the attention.



Alan Craven
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I must say that I agree with both these posts. I have a regular order from the village shop for CV, but it is not likely to survive many more DVD/product review/adverts for products issues.

I open each new issue more in hope than anticipation of some instructive articles giving advice on actual processing of video footage using a computer.

John Farrar
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I stopped buying CV mag a few years back for the very reasons you all state above. Once I got my system up and working there was no need to purchase a mag. full of reviews of gear I would never buy, and as a hobbyist, were mostly out of my price range.

I buy the odd one which has a tutorial of a various aspect of NLE but they are too few nowadays.

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The magazine doesn't always have more than one article i'm interested in , BUT , i do find that the other people who read it , staff and students , all find stuff of interest.
I subscribe , at educational discount rates ( thanks bob for the info ), and feel the cost over the year covers my needs and use of this webboard.
I have a number of fully functioning systems , but that in my mind isn't a reason to give up on the magazine.

I wasn't interested in the recent articles on dvd production , because i didn't see myself getting a system this year , that changed when a lightening strike blew up my pc at home , connected to the telephone line , and the replacement machine came with a dvd-r drive, so articles i skimmed over became essential reading , and i'm still learning.
Data dvd's are easy ... now time to try a video dvd.

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what mag did you buy in the end? As those articles you mentioned are eactly the ones I have been looking for, especally the live recording type,



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Hi Kev,

The magazine was CVs sister magazine, camcorder user.


(if it was any other magazine I would have sent this via email, but I figure they are sister magazines so it not really send people to the opposition.)

Ron Spicer
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Yep - some time ago I asked about tutorials on FCPro......

I buy for the purpose of learning about matters - and that includes reviews - but the learning is of a more necessary worth if coming from tuts`s; so I join the chorus!


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I'd greatly appreciate any comments about desired tutorials or features being added to this thread:


Bob C