Media Studio Pro 5.2 tutorial CD?

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Bob or anyone. I am sorry to be going from memory but I recall reading recently that the man who wrote your articles is releasing a CD tutorial on Media Studio Pro 5.2.
I understand that it has to be ordered over the net.Who and where can it be bought from?
If you could answer this I would be most grateful.Thanks, Neil.
Second to the above point,I am always concerned about giving out Credit Card details over the net, and have not done so yet. Is it safe? Maybe as an idea , CV could offer the disc to it's readers.Just a thought but I would feel a lot happier about this. Thanks again.Neil

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The news story was on p12 of the August issue of Computer Video mag!

As for giving credit card details over the web - I do it all the time and reckon it is as safe, or safer than, say, handing over a credit card to a waiter in a restaurant, who takes it out of your sight to run it through the system.

Bob C