MediaStudio / AV Master Field Problem

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I am using Media Studio Pro 5.2 with AV Master 2000 2.5

Using Media Studio Pro today, I have experienced a 'field' problem that has never occured before.

When rendering 2 shots on the timeline using 'Best' preview (both having been digitised using 2 fields and the Media Studio time line set up up as 2 fields), they render fine.

But when I add a transition between the 2 shots, when I render the message : 'PowerPlay Error: 114. Not all preview files share the same number of fields' appears, and goes on to say that the 2nd shot is 'Fields : 1 (should be : 2)'.

It doesn't matter which 2 shots are used, it comes up with the same error.

Both AV Master and Media Studio are definately set as 2 Fields via properties and preferences and I tried altering between A Fields and B Fields. Previously this had worked fine since I started using it over a year ago.

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Hmmm, not really sure what is causing that. Try reinstalling the software. First uninstall them both, then install MSP, then AV Master. As long as you always install AV Master after MSP, it should automatically be set up with the correct settings, including field settings.

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