Merging Technologies's VCube Video HD Player/Recorder for audio post

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January 2005

Swiss based Merging Technologies S.A. have released their new VCube Video HD Player/Recorder V1.0 designed for audio post-production. The system has already been delivered to over 50 customers around the world including Japan, China, USA and Europe.

"What everyone seems to like about VCube over other HD video players on the market is its simplicity of use and the way it cleanly connects directly to an Avid UnityTM server, opens the OMF multi-layer video files without any issues and streams the composition directly from the server, or transferred into the VCube itself."

Explains Ken Barnsley Merging's Sales and Marketing Manager. "We have given many demonstrations and workshops in major broadcast and film studios, both in Europe and the USA, with VCube as a standalone video digitising/referencing station connected to a DAW system as well as very successful trials with multiple VCubes networked to either a Unity or our own central Video Server.

"VCube has already been used on major feature films and TV programmes integrated into the customers own UnityTM systems. They were also connected to a range of audio workstations such as Protools'TM, FairlightTM and AudioFileTM as well as our own Pyramix system, so I think we can safely say the VCube is thoroughly tried and tested and is already seen as a major success".

VCube V1.1 is already in its final testing phase and adds support for a range of new SDI I/O cards, some of them offering up to Dual-link SDI and HD-SDI resolutions in addition to the current Analogue and DV solutions. The option for 1080 HD files support as well as new options for AAF, IMX and MXF support will also be included on its release targeted for Q1 2005.

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