Microphone & Audio FAQs - Intro.

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To make things easier to find, links to Microphone related FAQs are listed below:-

Microphones - The RF and AF Condenser Question

Microphones for Cameras under £ 2,500 - Rule of Thumb

Microphones for Cameras over £ 2,500 - Rule of Thumb

Sennheiser MKE 300 & MKE 300-D

Rycote Windjammer - Care & Washing Instructions

Using Microphones in the Wet (This links to "The RF and AF Question" above)

Audio Connectors - Balanced / Unbalanced

Radiomicrophones - Frequencies and Legal Operation

Any future microphone FAQs I post will be added to the list – so you will be able to get straight to any microphone related enquiry by coming here first.


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