Mirage Nomad Tablet-PC-based animation and storyboarding system for 2D artists

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Bauhaus Software introduces Mirage Nomad

New Tablet-PC-based animation and storyboarding system changes the rules for 2D artists

SAN ANTONIO — July 11, 2005 — Bauhaus Software Inc. today unveiled Mirage Nomad, a new, breakthrough tablet PC-based animation and storyboarding system for 2D artists. Combining the power of the Motion Computing LE1600 Tablet PC with Mirage, Bauhaus Software’s industry-leading paperless 2D animation system, Mirage Nomad frees artists to draw, paint and animate anywhere their lives may take them.

From storyboards and pencil tests, to fully-colored final animation and special effects, Mirage Nomad is a powerful, portable 2D animation studio that easily fits in a backpack.

The clipboard-sized Mirage Nomad is based on the award-winning Motion LE1600 Tablet PC, weighing only 3.1 pounds and featuring a Low Voltage (LV) Intel Pentium M processor running at 1.5GHz.

Mirage Nomad includes 1GByte upgradeable RAM, a 30GByte upgradeable hard drive (shock-mounted for enhanced durability), the View Anywhere display and WiFi connectivity. Combining the Motion LE1600 with Mirage enables artists to create any classical or digital style of 2D animation – from cel animation and anime, to rotoscoping, cut out animation, and more.

“Mirage Nomad ushers in a whole new era of opportunity for 2D animators,” said Dan Kraus, CEO of Bauhaus Software. “Now, rather than being constrained to a desk or a light table, animators can work anywhere and have studio-quality tools at their fingertips.”

"The LE1600 is great for creative industries like 2D animation that need pressure-sensitive digitized pen input,” said Valerie Walden, Motion Computing vice president of marketing. “The LE1600’s computing power and large, bright 12.1” display provides Mirage Nomad users with a workstation-class system they can take anywhere.”

Bauhaus’ Mirage software is a powerful, creative environment for the production of 2D animation and special effects. Designed for professional studios and freelancers requiring a maximum level of flexibility and productivity, Mirage combines real-time paint, animation and special effects functionalities into a single product.

A true paperless digital animation system, Mirage dramatically broadens the capabilities of traditional 2D animators, and is proven to save up to 50% in production time compared with traditional 2D pipelines.

Pricing and availability
The Mirage Nomad is available immediately through the Bauhaus Web site ([url]www.bauhaussoftware.com.com)[/url], Complete Tablet Solutions ([url]http://www.completetablet.com)[/url], and CTS-authorized resellers at a suggested MSRP of $2,995 (USD).[Full version of Mirage software on its own is $695. BC]

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About Bauhaus Software
Bauhaus Software - based in San Antonio, Texas - is a leading provider of products and technologies for the 2D animation and visual effects markets. Bauhaus is focused on providing professional 2D animators with the ultimate tools for producing next-generation animated graphics and special effects.

Bauhaus employs a team of business executives and engineers gathered from across the United States, Canada and Europe. The company’s products are distributed through both direct and distributor-based sales efforts. For more information visit bauhaussoftware.com

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