Mk2 showreel

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I've just redone my showreel after some 3 years:
Now I just have to update the site, I reckon it's looking a little tired?


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Lots of interesting material there. Just a couple of things - I think the action shots are visually more appealing than the talking head shots. There are one or two occasions where we just see people not doing anything and I'm not sure that sells your product very well.

You also describe it as 'fast moving' but it isn't particularly fast. You seem to start off cutting on every eighth beat then it changes a bit towards the end. With a music piece like that, I think you could easily afford to cut on every fourth.

Also, I would personally finish on the explosion - it's always good to go out with a bang! :)

However, having said all that, if I were a potential customer, there's certainly enough there to get me interested.

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Yeh - point taken - I think you mean the 'Dragons den' type shot a third of the way in that is static, It's a nice shot though so I'll put some movement on it I think.
I aways feel I have to put interview type shots in as that is where the bulk of my work comes from.
I think with music like this there is a big temptation to always cut on the beat, but some shots need longer and have mixes between, so I've never been afraid to cut off beat, as long as the content carries it, and the snap back to beat is a bit dramatic.

You like going out with a bang eh? I like coming in and going out with a relaxing shot!
I MUST be getting old!

Mike Pulcinella
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Fantastic showreel! To echo Stuart, as a potential customer I would be sufficiently impressed. As a videographer/editor I am envious!

Now it's nit-pick time. Also, like Stuart, I feel that the pace could be a bit faster. Not all of it, but portions could have had some quicker cuts. I'm not talking much, just a trim here, a nip there, but I would have like to have seen sections of extreme fast cutting interspersed with the longer clips like the explosions. Some of the clips that stand out to me as in need a bit of a trim are the fight scene, guy in the acrobat airplane and the kids bobbing for apples. Again, I am only talking about a second or two off of the end. It's really a matter of personal taste because the reel is very professional.

One more thing...why doesn't the lightning strike occur simultaneously with the first music hit? That's one thing I would definitely fix!