Montage No 4

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Hi guys

Please would you have a little look at my latest offering.




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Getting better K. but . . . Lingering far too long on certain shots and working too much on the zoom end of the lens heightening the wobble factor. Try to get the cam in close and work on the wide end of the lens when hand held.
Also too many stills from the video used, probably to cover your tracks on the iffy shots I know.
The client won't be aware of most of these issues, but that's why you popped it on here.
You're improving!

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Z Cheema
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Keep Karen watch those backs of heads and get in there don't be scared. Keep pace with the music, get a gut feeling and edit with that feeling.

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Hi Branny

Thanks for your imput

The reason there are stills is that is what the B&G asked for, this montage goes at the end of their DVD as a highlight, the butterfly stills are a personal thing for them.

The backs of heads at the beginning where the blokes are talking was done like that for effect (planning a job a la reservior dogs) hence the opening sequence.

Lingering shot of men walking away is the same as the film too.

I will take everything on board what you have said though and i appreciate your time.


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As Branny sez, it needs tightening up - a wee bit snappier. The early 'reservoir dogs' stuff would have more impact if B&W. Keep the colour of that cool car though! Stills would also have more impact with some motion. 'Still' stills look too pedestrian these days. If you haven't got Imaginate, most NLE's have a cut down version of it. I thought the couple coming through the trelliss archway (3:25) would have looked great in slo-mo. Gap between the 2 tracks too long? Lastly, maybe change the font colour to plain white?

Just my 2 pence. :)

tom hardwick
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Oh it cries out for a tripod to steady those long telephotos, because although I love camera movement, I dislike camera jitteriness unless it's part of the plan. The film would benefit from a faster pace as well, because these Dogs are supposed to be rough, tough guys, not lingering and grinning. It also plays vertically stretched this end. But keep shooting and be braver on the edit bench and every film you make will be better than the last.

I get the lads to strut their stuff at weddings and here's a 40 second snip to the Res Dogs theme:

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i liked it tom

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I think the fasted way you will learn the art of making wedding videos is to watch other peoples material and pick up pointers.
I think you are letting your music over ride you video images.
You have been given some wonderful tips,by the members on this forum.
Also try and avoid wall paper background when taking still photographs
Like the say "practice makes perfect"

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Hi K,

agree with arthur about the stills, pan and zoom to make them more interesting google 'Ken Burns effect' most NLEs will have some way to do this. It is so easy and the difference will be astounding. also try cutting tighter to the beat in the song. keep it up

John Paul