Montgage No 3

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Hi Guys

Just put another Montage on:

This is a completely different kind of wedding to the last one.

Older couple, second wedding and a very small affair.



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Any comments? good or bad?

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initial impression (was in a rush) was that a bit of shakey cam on some of them zooms - you could smoothen them out, if you shot on HDV.....?

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I have to agree with Fuddam, camera work is still a bit shaky and it really shows on zooms.
I still think your shots are often too long in time, the first shot of the church is about 20 seconds, you should get about 4 shots in that time.
Hands during the ceremony: 2 close ups in a row of the same thing. A better way could be, either only show the hands one time or put a different shot in between them, for example a shot of them saying the vows.
You leave too much "air" above people's heads, frame them lower.

Still plenty to work on, but getting better every time :)

It is easier to be critical than correct.

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I can only really agree with Sylvia, with the zooms. But for me the biggest problem was the pace seemed too slow. It's a balance when you take a slow song between romantic and too slow and for me this was a case of the wrong pace.

John Paul

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Again agree - far too much zooming and very shaky in places. The amount of 'head room' has been mentioned previously, but I think you need to look into how you frame a picture and the general composition, which is very uninspiring in places. Read up on the rule of thirds and theory of composition.

And what a happy, happy bride... most of the time she has an expression which looks as if she must have swallowed a wasp rather than just got married.