MotoDV and Win XP

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Got Digital Origin Firewire card & MotoDV 1.4.1. Windows XP gives the not Digitally signed blurb and I cant initialize device. Has anyone managed to get this working? help pleeeeeze...

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yes , i did , but i'll have to look fro my notes to see how i did it.

or search here , it may be somewhere on this webboard already.(found one link from webboard)

has the file for the following:

Updates the 1394 drivers to the latest level. This updater should be installed only if your camcorder requires the latest drivers.

Note: The same installer is used for all products and only needs to be run once for all applications.

Prerequisites: Digital Origin MotoDV-Lynx FireWire card (card that ships with PhotoDV, IntroDV, MotoDV and EditDV), MotoDV v1.4 or later.

Do not install this updater for use with OHCI 1394 interfaces.

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I'd stick with Gary's solution for the moment but there is a tiny program element that may (or may not) solve your problem.

It enables a number of programs originally created by Digital Origin to work under XP using OHCI standard FireWire cards (not the DO FireWire card).

I'm email it to you in a zip - but only use it if you have a standard FireWire card installed as well.

Do, of course, make sure that you copy the original off somewhere safe before overwriting with the new version.

Bob C