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I needed to put together a menu for a DVD out shortly that is a semi-docu on the US custom chopper scene. After tossing and turning for a whole night in the pub, I came up with this and I think, on the whole, it fits.

Comments, abuse and criticism accepted :)



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I like it, and from what I can see it will work just fine.

I could say that it would better if the handlebars were a bit more realistic, but I would just be letting my belly rumble. :D

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Hi Jon,
Very sharp and fitting! I have a couple of questions;

It's a 40 second menu and the end is very different to the start so how are you looping it? If at all?
The reason I ask is that I tend to like Menu's to loop invisibly. I know its a personal preference but for me it makes it more "joined up".

Last question, what do you use for menu creation? I love the surround sound and the shadow effects.


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Neil, this is actually just the background video for menu 1. Once it completes it's end action is to menu 2 (the video plays seemlessly into this) which is the 'end position' of the handlebars with the complete 'in dial' movie playing through again. It's menu 2 that loops and the videos in the dials are faded/cut so that the loop is invisible. All resources return to menu 2 so the 'fly in' along the bars is only seen on first play (or if the title menu is selected from the remote). Menu 1 is actually set to loop at 15 seconds but with 0 iterations so that the buttons become active at that point (I hate DVDs where you have to wait three hours before you can select a menu option) but this menu still ends after one play.

The bars, complete with video dials, were created in Blender 2.41, the text and effects then composited onto this in After Effects, the menu itself (function) being build in Encore.
The sound was taken from the movie itself and manipulated in Audition to bring it to the right length and apply pan effects.

Chrome - if you mean the animation needs more work for realism then I'm afraid this is a pay-off of our working practices. We set a fairly strict rule about menu creation that it can't take more than a day for low budget releases like this so though I could have gone on and on and on the line had to be drawn. If it's the fact that they're HUGE then you should watch the movie - they're tame by comparison to the real thing!


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Shellgrip - that's Ace! real enough for the job and rivetting enough for the hardline bikers, they'll love it!

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