"Movie Credits" in Premiere Pro

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Hello, I need to create a movie style card in my project, a la https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-GY2sAW6n6Pc/TeJr-UhDJhI/AAAAAAAAANo/OPu8LNrPa3M/s1600/postercredits_9lines_center.png

Is this possible to do within Premiere Pro? I can't see anything in the software and  Ican't find any templates available for download? 

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Re: "Movie Credits" in Premiere Pro

Use the titler, maybe?

CTRL+T to create a new title...

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Re: "Movie Credits" in Premiere Pro

I thought Marks comment was a bit weird till I looked at your image exampe - it's just a normal caption, nothing special, just create as he says a title, centre format the text, and pick a font and colour - That particular font isn't known to me, but there are plenty of sites where you can upload a few letters of it from a screen grab and it will suggest ones that are similar, and probably free.