MS Music Producer Lives Again!

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This little gem which ran in Window 95/98 but hasn't worked on later O/S like Windows ME and Win2K, does now work using XP.

Wanting a quick music track for a video, and having recently upgraded to XP, thought I'd give it another try - and to my surprise, it now works!

Thought I'd bring this to the attention of those who have used MSMP in the past, or for others wanting a free, easy to use music creation program without having to write the music or with any copyright problems.

Currently, MS Music Producer is a FREE download from:

Do make sure you read the installation instructions carefully, as there is a time-out patch that must be loaded or the program will not work.

For the benefit of those who haven't come across this program before:
There are over 200 different styles, + instrument combinations and moods.
The tempo and the key signature can both be changed.
How long the music is to last can be set, plus start and endings.
If you don't like a song, press the compose button and a new one is created.
The sound is as good as your sound card.

I use a Korg synthesiser and create a .wav file using Creative Recorder.
Should you want to do any further editing, MSMP will save the song as a midi file for loading into a music sequencer program.

Would be interested to know what others think and what use they make of the program now that it could have a new lease of life?

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Very useful - thanks for the link

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