MSI K7T-266 PRO-R is this a sensible editing motherboard ?

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I'm considering building an edit system and appear to have resonably priced upgrades. The package that has taken my eye consists of,

MSI K7T-266 PRO-R motherboard
- VIAKT266
- ATA/100
- Raid
AMD T-Bird 1.4 Ghz
256Mb PC2100 DDR Memory - will probably add additional 256Mb (minimum)
Lots of Disk - 40Gb Boot + 2x60Gb Video (Raid)

I haven't yet decided on which edit card to go for, DV500+ or RT2500, I will probably use Win 2000 so the Pro-ONE is not on my list (as I've heard the drivers aren't yet available).

The question is is this a sensible motherboard or should I consider something else ?

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John Disdle
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Check the Pinnacle and Matrox site for a list of m/boards that work.

Your MSI board is not listed for the DV500.
It may work ok. But you will have a lot of hassle if it won`t.

Regards John


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Try and get the version with tha KT266A chipset (Pro2 or similar). This revision is both fatser and more stable.