music video featuring Nu Bakson

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I was doing some time lapse photography in the middle of the street, when a stranger came up to me and asked me what I am doing. I told him I was shooting footage for my short film. He told me he writes and sings his own songs. 'I always fancied doing a music video' I replied. A year or so later, here is the video I did for him. He is called Nu Bakson and his song is Glad U R Mine:

I directed and did the post-production including the animation, plus some B camera footage of the picture frame by itself. Steven Wyatt did the principal cinematography.

We used the Sony dsr350 to shoot the singer and girl. The Sony PD170 for the rest. It was roughly edited in Premiere and then finished in Adobe After Effects. The animated heart was animated and rendered in Lightwave 3D.

Feel free if you are not busy to give me feedback on the video.


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1st thought - Wow! Then the use of videos in frames began to wane, probably because this was a long song and IMHO not a very strong one.
Your work with the video is amazing, especially the animation, but felt a different song would have made better use of the effects, especially if they had been used a little more sparingly to maintain the initial impact.
Great work though :)

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Excellent, loved it, very clever work and highly watchable.

Colin Rowe

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Good creative work... :)

I'm afraid however I care little for the artiste and song... really is far too 'whiney' for me; sorry :(

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I didn't like the song either. But what you did with it was wonderful!

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You see, something out of the blues turns your attention too making a music video. The main thing is you are pleased and so is he?
I think all the above comments says it all.
Well done. Never mind what we dont like.

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Thanks all for your kind comments and I am pleased that the video itself works well. I am not a fan of his type of music either but I hope he can find his audience and success with it.