My 1st showreel

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OK so none of this was filmed by me.

I received a VHS tape with around 6 different programs, the video was dodgy with some colour banding & buzz on the sound in places, nothing I could do about that.

Anyway I got it all into the PC & edited it together. Would be interested to know your views & would be particularly interested to know how long you folk reckon it would have taken me to put together, just the editing, not rendering or uploading.

Go on, take an estimate? :)

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thought it was pretty well put together, kept my attention no problem ,only thing I would say is that I would have made the photos that were turning, turn a bit faster to go with the flow of the rest of the showreel.

As for an estimate of how long it took you , no idea, but I do know it would probably have taken me a very long time so I will guess at 60 hours. I'm going to look real silly when you say it only took you 2 hours. ;-)

Cheers John

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In another thread you asked what Final Cut Pro can do that your current editing software can't.
One thing it can do is preserve the aspect ratio of shots so you don't end up using anamorphic shots with an incorrect pixel-aspect ratio.

Occasionally for effect is fine - but all the time looks like you don't-know-how-to/aren't-aware-you-should get it right.

Presumably that was the Director's cut version for the client's mother to watch - it was about twice too long for a casting director to view, and repetitive.
So however long it took to do it was twice as long as it could have taken. ;)

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Can I just pick up on the point that PaulD is making... It needs to be much shorter and snappier. Showreels need to be about 90 seconds or less in my view with all the best stuff in the first 30 seconds, as by then the person viewing it will alreay have made up their mind and will probably switch it off at that point. This is from my experience.

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Personally i cant see any point in asking us how long it took to edit.
I can spend days just editing a piece of video so it looks and matches o.k.
If you are happy with it and who ever you are going to show it too. Should be the outcome of your success.
As you are not happy with the results at present. Show us your final edit when finished

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Thanks for the comments

"using anamorphic shots with an incorrect pixel-aspect ratio."
Yep ur right on that, too me it looked fine, but I know what your talking about.

And thanks for the comments on the length, useful stuff