my computer crashed!!

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when i have updated my modem for bt voyager 105 as i heared that the old modem drivers will be down by aol!

when i have login using AOL, then it crashed to blue screen!!!
as i think the new modem driver making it crashed! as i have tryed the old modem drivers on AOL and it working fine!
The message came up on AOL (when using the old modem driver) saying the modem need to be update as the speed is 128kb!
if i update it as it will be in normal speed by 512kb...

so how to stop this happen??

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any ideas yet?

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1. what has this to do with hard-drives ?

2. lets try and make sense of what you are saying.

you have a new modem for broadband , and if using aol need their particular drivers to get the best of it from aol.

so far so good.

i had to get updated drivers for a member of staff using aol , and must admit i find it weird that they need specific drivers.

if you have them downloaded , remove the modem , then delete the drivers from your machine.
restart it , plug in modem , and install drivers ( or follow instructions that come with the software download )

if that doesn't work .... come back and explain what is happening in short sentences

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i have tryed those and still the same problem!!