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Having won a Pinnacle Studio DV+ card in a competition in Computer Video magazine I thought this would be my answer to providing an anlaogue ouput for my monitor fore editing in addition to DV i/o. So I removed my Pyro card which has given 15 months faultless service under Windows 98SE and Widows 2000 Professional and fitted the Studio DV+.
It installed and worked OK in the first instance although I had an unusual 'loss' of my second IDE port on the first evening. This recovered after a reboot.
I subsequently did several tests and found that the card worked fine with the Pinnacle supplied DV Studio software and also hgave analog output (when I realised I had to unplug the firewire first!).
Further test with Media Studio Pro and Premiere 6 also worked OK on firewire but in no way could I ouput to analog. I now know this is only possible from the Pinnacle software. Also I found captured video in MSP6 and Prem6 had properties showing codecs had been altered. My loss of IDE port 2 repeated several times. I downloaded and updated the Pinnacle software with similar results but some 'stutter' when exporting to tape.
Today I reverted to the Pyro and uninstalled all the Pinnacle software. My system is stable again, no jitters or problems and no loss of IDE port 2.
In my opinion the Pinnacle card may be of use to someone who wants to use only the Video Studio software but useless for other NLE software. It causes instability in my system although it may be stable in other configurations. I have scoured the various bulletin boards and newsgroups and have so far found little on this card to suggest it will ever work with other software.
I am not impressed.
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If you don't want it , i'll take it off your hands

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