my first 'commercial' project

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Hi all,

just completed my first commercial project - it is a promo/teaser for a new novel by a local author, commissioner by his publishers.

the video is intended as a youtube video that will hopefully create interest for the book - it will also be shown on the publishers website and may even get a spot in selected 'blackwells' stores.

here's the link -

honest feedback is appreciated!


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Dark, but terrific visuals izzy! Ticks the all the right boxes in promoting the author's book.
A trifling critisism? The 'critics' comments at the end are too quick . . . and I'm a very quick reader. Imaginative filming and editing though.

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makes me want to read the book. 'nuff said.


agree the quotes are a bit fast. Add a second or 2 at the end of each, IMHO

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So with my usual click before I think habit, I watched without having read your post - so I didn't know it was for a book :)

Agree, with others but crits ok for me. Near the beginning where there is a location change and the skyscraper 00:32 it just jars a smidgen, not sure why.

But yes beautifully dark and effective at creating an atmosphere.


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Firstly it is not a commercial. Some will argue with me on that point.
You are advertising a book. How long did it take to show the product ?
If i was standing in a bookstore and saw that video i would look for a few seconds and walk on. Why? there is nothing drawing me to the what factor of what you are advertising.
Please dont get me wrong you did a nice job.
To advertise a book on video you need fast visions and the book needs to be on the screen faster and often then on the end.
Too me it is more of a trailer.
Here is a small tip i learned many years ago in filmmaking.
If you are sell any product on the screen, you should be able to close your eyes and the soundtrack should give you the information of what you are selling in 10 seconds.

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when I said my first commercial project I didnt mean this video is a commercial - rather my first video for a purpose other than my own interest. the video is intended as a promotional movie style trailer for the book.

the reason the book is not mentioned before the end is that the client wanted the viewer to be intrigued by the feel and ambiguity of the vague narrative to garner interest

some nice advice about the soundtrack btw

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Thank you for the response. if i was the client and you presented that video to me then i would cut it down and inject a more powerful montage of images. but one can debate this subject never ending. As long as he is happy and you are happy, at this point that is all that matters.
Any future assignments i would study some book advertisements from television. just to get the feel of how the project a product.
A more darker voice over would hold the public interest.

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Nice! It sure is sinister, reminded me of how I visualised 1984 when I read it.

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