My new documentary series is going online!

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Mike Pulcinella
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Parts 1 and 2 of my new bodybuilding documentary series are online now!

In Mike Pulcinella’s new documentary, “Rodney Roller: RAW” we take a look at one of the most outspoken and entertaining personalities in bodybuilding. Rodney “Raw Power” Roller, bodybuilder, spokesman and roving reporter, challenges himself to take his training further than he ever has before as he prepares for the 2010 North American Championships. His ultimate quest...a pro card.

In “Rodney Roller: RAW” we get the inside scoop as Rodney, at 42 years of age, is challenged both physically and mentally. It's an honest look at the humor, the mindset and the work ethic of one of the hardest working, strongest, funniest and most determined bodybuilders on the masters scene. In this documentary we get a raw look at a Rodney Roller that few have seen.

Watch as he subjects himself to greater pain and deprivation that he has ever known, battles injury and doubt and eventually triumphs as he steps on stage in the best shape of his life.

This is Rodney Roller: RAW.