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hey there,

I've got to say I am less than impressed with the video - help information in my space.

I wouldn't normally go down there, but a mate of mine wants his clips exported to my space. And I can find bu##er all in relevant information as to the best type of encode etc. I can cover pretty much all the bases with compressor/ falsh proff & toast.

Is there anyone who can give me a heads up?

oddball x
(I've probably missed something important here getting all hot & bothered with the "Help" pages, so apols in advance)

Z Cheema
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why not use Youtube and embed them

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or Vimeo

high quality, allows MySpace embed, tech specs explained.

Dave Farrants Fox Video Editing

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Thanks guys

Thanks for your responses - I figured it out in the end and came to the same conclusions.

Hope that you are both doing well this monday and are set for a prosporous week!

LOL oddball xx