My trials with the matrox rtx100

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Hi All,
I put together a system based on the matrox rt.x100 using the recomendations of matrox in dec 2002. Well I wanted good audio and got a audigy 2 platinum. Well the capture couldn't find the line input and wouldn't synch up. I tried 5 more cards before finding registry problems and a working card in the santa cruz. I kept a 10 input 24/96 card for multitrack recording. I disabled that card, but it still messed up the audio synch. I found out through experiementing that I had to leave the 10 input card set at 48 k and leave it enabled. Then I had to disable the matrox audio when using dvdit pe.There were a few other frustrating kinks to work out. I eventually bought another drive and a removeable caddie. I flashed my bios, flashed my raid card, made a fresh install of xp, and then ghosted my system. I then downloaded newest drivers and updated all my programs. But now I have a realtime preview, analogue capture,multi format dvd burning Machine. My system is very fast and works great at its job. I must admit that even the newest games look great at 1600x1200 without chunkiness. Here is my full system specs. If you have any questions, let me know. I use Premeire 6.5, DVDIT PE , Cubase, Wavelab, Photoshop 7, illustrator, and after effects.

asus p4 533 c @ 2.53
4x512 1066 samsung Rambus Ram ( @533)
40 gb system maxtor (ata 133) or 80 Gb ( removable caddie)
240 gb ( with 8 mb buffer) Raid A/V Drive ( pci ata 133 controller )
80 gb (w/ 8 mb buffer) Export Drive (removable caddie) ( plus 10 gb ghost,20 Gb,40 Gb, and a 120 Gb)
ricoh mp5125a multi format dvd burner
samsung 40x cdrw burner
Santa Cruz Turtle Beach Soundcard
Aardvark 20/20 soundcard
Matrox Rt.X100 ( sp 1 )
Ati Radeon 9800 pro
19" Nec crt / 17" cheapie monitor / TV
Antec case and 400 watt power supply
Xp Pro ( sp 1 )

ps the 80 gb system drive is for gaming and regular use. The 40 gb is for dvd, graphics, capture, and multitrack recording. That way my online use or games will not effect my settings.

asus p4533c@2.53 /4x512 1066 @533
40 gb system /240 gb raid /80 gb
dvd burner
Santa Cruz Turtle Beach
Aardvark 20/20 soundcard
matrox rt.x100
Ati Radeon 9800 pro
19" Nec crt / 17" cheapie / tv