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We're looking at a few new ideas for Computer Video but need assistance from real people.
1. Are you a hobbyist or a freelance editor with a stable NLE system that works well and allows you to get on with the job in hand without driving you mad with hardware conflicts and crashes? If so, we'd like to hear more about it down to the nitty gritty details of what, why and how much.What's also important to us is how this equipment is being used - what kind of videos are you producing with it?

2. Are you working on a DV-based prodution for broadcast or commercial distribution? We'd like to cover your progress.

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Peter Wells

Deputy editor, Computer Video Magazine

Andy Matheson
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Dear pete

I'm a pro/freelance editor with a home-based NLE system that I just love using and i'm desperate to shout about it.
In my daytime professional capacity, I make medical video's in a large hospital using Media 100 with Premier 5.1 and I hate that combination. Let me say that again, "I hate it"
But when I come home, I start my freelance work, usualy short Corporate in-house video reports but also the occasional 1 hour-long wedding using Digital Origin's EditDV on a Mac G3. In 10 months of owning this setup , I have had NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER!. The system has evolved through OS 8.1 to 8.5.1 to 8.6 and from EditDV 1.1 to 1.5 and now 1.6 and no upgrade has ever caused me to break into anything other than a smug grin (thinking about all those Windoze users who spend their time downloading drivers every day).
I realy do enjoy sitting down to work at this system and I would unreservedly advise anyone to obtain such a combination. In the ten months of ownership, the £3,500 setup has paid for itself and made a good profit.
I intend to spend some time over the winter putting together a film about the only Genuine Messerscmitt ME 109 in existance which unfortunately crashed at Duxford Airfield in 1997 and will no longer be allowed to fly. I was working with the aircrafts crew during it's last year and have some wonderful footage from the Airfield "Live Side" AND from inside the cockpit during flight. I anticipate selling the film via a Web page that my brother and I want to start up and maybe through the magazines if there is enough interest. Anyway, i'd love for you to cover my story and/or talk about my NLE setup and hopefuly convert more people to the 'superior platform' that is Macintosh.

Thanks for reading this

Andy Matheson