new motion gfx for web intro

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Joined: Nov 26 2007

Hey all,

Been a while since i posted last but i have been busy :)

Here is an intro I have just had signed off. Its a cool bit of motion gfx using particular by trapcode and some after effects trickery. It was low budget so I couldnt spend a load of time on it but I am happy with the result considering.

Its on the front page of this jewellery website
(please let it buffer, they havent sorted their servers out yet, i let it run thru 1st then refreshed the page)
Ciao :-)

Mike Pulcinella
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I like your GFX work very much. Don't know much about how it's done but I like what I see in this one and the snowboarding piece. Maybe I'll see if I can afford to use you for the titles of the final installment to my documentary series!

Christian Lett
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Nice. I love Particluar! I'll be posting a new reel later with some stuff done with this great plugin.


Christian Lett After Effects and Maya Artist

Runaround Who
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Makes me wonder why Jon wasn't thrilled when I included Particular in his Christmas stocking! Watching life and filming the best bits ...

Joined: Nov 26 2007

cheers guys, it was my 1st ventur using particular, and I can se it being very useful, it really does add an additional egre of creativity to the palete! I wanna get stuck in some more motion gfx projects but i gotta do what pays the bills first.

I wish there was a book on how to make fun video pay! Ahh well, as and when I develope more stuff you guys will be the first to hear about it, i cant wait to see your reel christian! Will put my pieces to shame me thinks! :rolleyes: