NEW TO THIS want to build new pc with jvc dvx7

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Need help would like to start editing using pc have tried in the past to make it work
using firewire card with little success.
So got HR-DVSI video recorder

Would like to use firewire port
MY camcorder is a jvc dvx7e(uk)
(firewire out only)

HR-DVSI video recorder so at this stage don't see a problem with dv out from pc ?

Like to build system my self have got in mind

operating system win 98se/win 2000
20 Gb UDMA hard drive
80 Gb UDMA hard drive
P111 1Ghz 133 chip (is AMD way to go)
Motherboard ?
As much ram memory pc133 as needed ?
matrox RT2500 capture card ?

Voodoo5 5500 agp video card (all ready have)?

Has any one had experience using the above with jvc dv-x7 camcorder
OR can you point me in the wright direction

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The only comment I'd make here just now is that when we tested the JVC DV VCR we thought it a very poorly suited for use in a DV editing system.

It is possible that the VCR will work better now if you install DirectX 8a (and the DirectX 8 DV updater) onto your PC, but I simply don't know this for sure. It is the case, though, that carrying out these updates is said to improve the compatibility with DV editing cards of JVC's DV camcorders.

Bob C

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Thank you fore replying so quickly

Fore now I will put my old fire wire card in
and down load DirectX 8a (and the DirectX 8 DV updater)and have a play with this set up

I would still like to build a new pc
more help on this subject please
Should I post this part in a differant place

Were will I find more on my camcorder back dated test reports eny one using same


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We reviewed the HR-DVS1 in Nov 99.

We reviewed its successor, the DVS2, in Feb 2001.

Neither met with our approval.

Reprints of articles are available for £2 each article; complete issues are £3.65.

We only charge postage outside the UK.

Cheques are made payable to WVIP and sent with a covering note (detailing what you want and where it's to be sent) to:

Computer Video back issues/reprints
53-79 Highgate Road
London NW5 1TW

If you wanted the back issues for preference (and they are far better value, of course!), then don't fill in the amount on the cheque, but instead write on it, "not to exceed (whatever nx£3.65 comes out to)"

That way, we can mix and match if we are out of any particular issue.

In terms of where else to look for people using the same camcorder as yourself, I'd suggest you use the search facility to search the entire messageboard for postings about the JVC HR-DVS1 and HR-DVS2 (not everyone will have typed the model number correctly, so you might have to do some lateral thinking but, of course, start of searching for DVS1 and then DVS2.

An appropriate place to ask questions would be in the AV forum on the Computer Video board (accessible by drilling down from [url=][/url]

Oh, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the positive affect that the two DirectX downloads can have on problems with JVC camcorders and VCRs.

There is also some useful info to be had on

Bob C