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nNovia Open European Office

Maulden, Beds, UK, (15 November 2005) – nNovia Inc., based in San Jose, California, today announce the opening of a new European Office and website for sales of their acclaimed field-based digital video recorders and DV switching solutions.

nNovia designs, manufactures and markets robust, cost-effective direct-to-disk recorders and DV switching devices, under both OEM and nNovia brands, targeted at ENG, CCTV, Audio Visual Presentation, and professional videographers.

“nNovia have built a very good name for themselves in US post-production,” said Tim Liggins, General Manager of nNovia Europe. “Our aim is to replicate and extend that success across Europe.”

“The European office will be instrumental in expanding our reach. We look forward to this new venture and the opportunities Tim and his team will provide to help us serve digital content creators globally,” said Larry Aubry, Co-founder of nNovia Inc.

nNovia’s principle product line is the Quick Capture range of direct-to-disk recorders. QuickCapture™ greatly reduces time and cost by recording “Edit-Ready” clips directly to a hard disk drive from any DV camera during field shooting.

The QuickCapture A2D™ has a built in A-D converter, ideal for analogue studios looking to squeeze more life from their existing analogue cameras, and is the professional video industry’s first portable, analogue/digital HDD-based video recorder. QuickCapture A2D™ also has integrated media conversion capability that allows the user to record analogue video content directly to disk without further capturing or rendering. It can also play back captured video content directly to an analogue monitor.

nNovia’s patent-pending DV switching technology is at the heart of FireSwitch, the industry’s first “glitch-free”, asynchronous, IEEE-1394 Digital Video (DV) switch. Up to four independent, non-synchronized, DV sources can be connected as 1394 input devices. A sister product, SmartHub, is a switchable 6-port hub with built-in intelligence to manage interconnected 1394 devices.

Pricing and availability

QuickCapture™ has an entry price of £579 (€839) plus VAT for 40GB/3 hours storage (NTSC/PAL); QuickCapture A2D™ starts at £829 (€1199) plus VAT for 40GB/3 hours. Options are available for both products for up to 100GB/7.5 hours of storage. FireSwitch is £599 (€899) plus VAT, and SmartHub is £249 (€359) plus VAT. For more information visit nnovia-europe.com, or call +44 (0) 1525 404284.


About nNovia

nNovia Inc. is committed to developing digital video recorders and complimentary products highly leveraged against its core technologies, to offer the most exciting, robust, and full-featured devices on the market. nNovia's industry-leading product line consists of the QuickCapture and QuickCapture A2D DV/Analogue-to-Digital hard drive recorders; FireSwitch 4X1 IEEE-1394 "glitch-free" switcher; and SmartHub IEEE-1394 switchable hub/router. Through a worldwide network of distributors and dealers, nNovia's customers range from experienced videographers to high-end broadcast and film companies.

For more information visit: nnovia-europe.com.com