normal firewire cards vs. matrox, etc.

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I am thinking of upgrading my DV system. Will the picture quality improve when I capture with Matrox card like the RT.10 versus my current standard firewire card with my Premiere, due to difference in codec when you render. I am a home user, so speed is not that important, but I would put picture quality as top priority. So I guess encoding software is important too. Few cards I am thinking of, ie. DVD500DVD, Matrox RT.10, or Canopus. Anyone with suggestions or views?

Gavin Gration
Joined: Jul 29 1999

I have DV500 - it's OK but nothing like as good as the Matrox.

I sell these things for a living - the Matrox RT.X10 is currently the best choice under £500.00.