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John Disdle
Joined: Dec 28 2000

I have just paid for my Dv now AV to avoid the interest. Unfortunately my new toy of three weeks seems to be faulty. Anyone know the colour of the Rec. led or should it be off? The kind people at Siren technology will check it and hopefully replace it.

I must take the blame myself. Had the video leads been longer, I could have placed the box where I could have seen the leds properly

Fast tech. support replied to my e-mails with many words of wisdom.
The Dazzle help line was no help at all, have I really been charged 25p per minuet to be cut off. They could have answered my question had they picked up the phone, unprofessional is one word for it, this is not the way forward for any business.

“Read the manual” would not have helped. Only the power led is mentioned.
I write this as a warning to others. Don`t do as I did…

John Disdle


Joined: Dec 4 2000

It is very unusual for a AV card to be faulty immediately after purchase, but it is possible. I think you have just been very unlucky.
And I do not know what caused your problems with the support line. I have just tested it and it works fine.

FAST UK Technical Support