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David Imedashvili
Joined: May 8 2001

Hi sorry for my english but i want to say somthing.I'm from Georgia I have AVmaster
1 year.all of this time i work with win95 or
win98. I can say that it is not stabil work.
My pc configuration is. PIII500/128m.b dimm/
svga nvidea rivatnt2 m64 32m.b/hdd 30 gb udma
66,7200 rpm and 18 gb scsi 7200 rpm bouth are
qvantum/ scsi adapter adaptec 160/mb acorp via 81/ now i instal nt 4.0 at ntfs file system but theare are some problems. first i havn't overlay and then i have irq problems
and when i try render its closed all.i want to say that if fast have so many problems with avmaster i have mistake that i by it.and
for end if somebody know howe i can update my soft or hardweare plz say.

Joined: May 9 2001

I've got AV master for quite sometime but it has never worked properly-- after going through a few tech notes I figured out that I would need a new PC-- AV master does not take kindly to VIA chipset.

Can someone recommend a set up that would work very well with this card? Must it be an intel pentium III with intel chipset mother board?
What would be the most stable operating system for this card?

I have a limited budget and I would like to spend it wisely.