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Heres the darn system in question-

AthlonXP 2600+
MSI KT400 Moatherboard (KT4VL off the top of my head)
Nvida FX5200

Heres the problem-

I have a DV500, and when I first got the system above I installed the DV500 under Windows XP. Everything seemd fine, I could capture ok and import to premiere ok (premiere6), but after only a minute or 2 editing in Premiere my computer locked up !!. So I went and downloaded all the latest drivers (premiere 6.01 and 6.02, DV500 v4 and v4.5), still the system locked up !!!. Not a big fan of windows XP I decided to install Windows98. Now the DV500 works ok but I'm having problems with my graphics card (NvidaFX). I've tried everything I can think of, new IRQ's new PCI slots, different drivers etc etc. Might there be a compatiblity issue with my 8*AGP Motherboard - My 8*AGP Graphics card - and Windows 98 !??

Has anyone any ideas what could be wrong, idealy I would've liked to run windowsXP as all my drivers are installed to that disk.

P.S I was warned. but I didnt listen. DONT BUY FROM TIME COMPUTERS !!! COWBOYS !!!

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these chipset motherboards are reported on pinnacles webboard as being problematic.

they suggest you download ppe (pci performance enhancer) and see if it can help.

also download latest motherboard drivers.

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Pinnacle will not work with the MSI KT400 board

u need a new motherboard check the Pinnacle site for info