Online broadcasting service (beta-testing)

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Hey everyone! My name is Dmitrii.
Just wanted to tell you all about a new thing going on and ask what you guys think about it. is launching a new broadcasting service. Basically what i'm talking about is an online live video broadcasting/video conferencing service. I would describe it like something of a crossover of YouTube and Skype. The idea is that anyone (an individual, a company) can broadcast anything they want online. It could be a simple webcam in my room or it could be a selection of pre-recorded videos. That makes it a personal Internet TV channel. The new and exiting thing is that it is all interactive. The viewers can interact with the broadcaster like in a video conference.

There is more to it. There are two types of users in the system - providers(broadcasters) and subscribers (receivers). Broadcasters can make their broadcasts paid for or free for subscribers. The subscribers, on the other side, can view free broadcasts or choose to pay for commercial broadcasts.

There are also two different interfaces. A multi-user interface which allows an unlimited amount of viewers to connect to a single broadcast/conference simultaneously. All of them have the ability to interact with the broadcaster. There is also a one-on-one interface where only one viewer at a time can connect to the broadcast.

This system can be used in a variety of ways. For example, let's say I'm a doctor. I could use the one-on-one broadcasting interface to consult patients online. So could a lawyer or any other consulting professional. Another example, I'm a professor - I could read read regular lectures in a college classroom, but ad a mic and a cam and broadcast it live to remote students. The remote student would in such case have virtually the same level of interactivity as the ones in class. In the same way training seminars could be taught. Needless to say that video conferences are simple and easy.

Anyway, if you're interested in seeing it for yourself, go ahead and visit and check it out.
Any responses and/or suggestions are welcome.