Opening scream

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I thought Bob's opening scream (Oct) was a pretty sharp insight into the computer market.

Nice one Mr Crabtree! (how do you think of these things?)

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How do I think of these things?

Sheer desperation.

For example, we finished the November issue today (at about 6.30pm). Or, nearly did.

What's not finished is...

...Opening Scream

By Sunday (hopefully earlier), I'll be so panic-stricken by the thought of not having it finished by Monday morning that the adrenalin will cut in big time and help my addled brain to start working.

Fortunately, I have got a topic truly fit for an opening SCREAM (that should be a clue enough to tell you the topic), so the *only* problem is actually turning out something half coherent that anybody (actually, myself) would think might be worth reading.

Did I really say, "only"?

Bob C
[Truth to tell, I probably think about Opening Scream - on and off - for about three weeks, sometimes a whole month, before putting down any words]

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