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I would be grateful for the experts on this forum to give an opinion of this piece of work. It was done by a guy who specialises in music. I only know him via e-mails when he asked me for some footage of mine to include in another project.

None of this footage is mine, although I wouldn't mine claiming it:D. I personally think it is an excellent piece of work which is full of imagination (something which I lack) and has been well edited.


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Personal bugbear: shot in 16:9 but on YouTube in 4:3.
People put all that effort into making a video, then do that... pah.

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Why does it need all the titles and credits in different formats, with text flying everywhere. It's awful. Put credits at the end, don't use text effects presets unless totally necessary.

The actual piece was all over the place for me, there's was something there, but the slo-mo was probably at 25% and very jumpy, it needs better footage, some less descriptive and some more so. I just didn't get what it was trying to say.

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The video was saying nothing. Pieced together to go with the music. The video had a style of which the maker was happy with. O.K he played around with effects. But the aim was to make you watch. Which i did. Interesting and good use of software effects, but lacking professional flair.
Not an experts opinion but made a few pioneering short music films for "The Old Grey Whistle Test" in the age of film. No time for effects. Just a human brain image and a camera.

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I seldom write anything about other peoples work, as its too easy to be critical or just unkind, however:

It felt really cobbled together out of a variety of different sources - no effort at grading - random - crummy framing - no "story" and the slo mo's just not happening - almost as if it was made from a really limited collection of shots stretched to fit the song.

Sorry, but very very amateur as an edit - the concept is good, and I agree about awful titles and wipes - yuck !

However, keep at it, we all have to start learning somewhere!

Paul :-(

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Personally, I enjoyed it. Nicely atmospheric. The long fades fitted the music and the landscape shots well. Agree that the opening and end titles and the wipe are awful, but apart from that, only the oddly graded shot at around 1:20 didn't work. Youtube seems to have a random way of making 16:9 stuff 4:3 - not sure how that happens. I did a short promo for Gary Grace last year which he uploaded himself, and ended up 4:3. I did it myself using Youtube default settings and it was fine. Weird. With so many landscape shots, this piece would definitely benefit from staying 16:9!

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To keep things widescreen I encode them at a widescreen aspect ratio instead of anamorphic.

I use x264, and for Standard Def stuff I force it to encode 1024x576.