Patch for Premiere 6.0

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Check the Beta Software section at:

A beta patch for Premiere 6.0 support is available for download. Read the cautions in the readme file carefully. There are a number of limitations with which many folks may not want to contend, preferring to wait for Version 1.6.

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I would agree with Don this is for the adventurous. I am anxious for 6.0 support but as well as my system works with the build 207 version of 1.6, I'll let the gutsy folks do the beta testing!


Mike D
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Okay.. I took the chance. I am in between projects so I decided to chance it, and upgrade. So far so good. The software works well together,and I haven't had any show stoppers. I'd like to take the time to request this one thing in a driver update or fix. Would it be possible to make it so that when I switch from Fast Forward to Premiere, it will remember my previous layout settings? How hard can this be? I mean, it's very annoying to have to set up your preferences each and every time you switch from FF to Premiere. It was borked in 5.1c, and is borked in 6. Please guys, FIX this!..
Thank you for your time.