PC to VHS Export

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Adrian G
Joined: Jun 26 2001

I have recently been taking loads of videos with my digital camera.

It isnt stictly speaking a video camera as it is a stills camera that can take short videos (15 sec in 320x240 high Qual). So far this has been all i need.

Now how ever my friends are starting trials type riding and i need longer capture times (a proper video camera). My dad has one but it is broken and a new one will be cheaper than repairing it.

This however is not my point, i am wanting to creat a video on VHS. BUT i need to export it from the computer to VHS when it is done.

I wish to know if there is any software that can export from video striaght to VHS as the camera (being a mainly still camera) doe not have a DV in/out socket) and i have heard that this is needed.

I know that at some point i will need to get a digi vid camera and didnt get one as i wanst bothered about ideos at the time when i got the camera (dec 24th).

The camera i have got is a Sony DSC-F505V. it DID everything i wanted it to when i got it and it still does bar this one thing.

Had i know i was going to start to video biking things i would have got a camera but then i didnt have a bike or plan to get one having done only 25 miles on the previous.

I basically need to know if software/cards exist that can export direct from PC to VHS WITHOUT using the camera. And if such things exist how much are they and where are they available from as i have no idea


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I bought dv.now.av from videoguys.com for $475. It should do everything you need.