A Pinnacle Offer?

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Maybe there is a bit of future, sort of.

Per the Pinnacle web site (in the USA), you can trade in a DV.now card (and many other Premiere-based NLE cards) for Pinnacle Edition 5 Pro, for about $499. Reading here and there there is indication the Edition 5 Pro can read FAST DIF format files, but cannot write them.

Details at: [url=http://www.videodirector.com/docloader_n.asp?templ=57&doclink=/WebVideo/editionproversion5/English(US)/doc/USupgrades.html&fam=1074&Category_ID=2]http://www.videodirector.com/docloader_n.asp?templ=57&doclink=/WebVideo/editionproversion5/English(US)/doc/USupgrades.html&fam=1074&Category_ID=2[/url]

Anyone following up on this please share the results?