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I'm a student at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario taking Television and New Media production. I am working on an assignment at the moment that involves researching an editing software/hardware. I was just wondering if anyone can tell me the advantages and disadvanges of Pinnacle Pro One??? Thank you very much


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real time effects and speed change

Broadcast quality

Innovative image stabilization

Professional keyframing tools



Pentium III or Athlon 700MHz or equivalent processor

256 MB RAM

1 - 32 bit PCI 2.1 slot

High Color AGP DirectX 6.0 (or higher)compatible display adapter

PCI Sound card

Windows 98 SE / Millennium

I hope that helped. Good Luck with your project!

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Other advantages:

Analog input and output to and from DV format files on the PC. No need to record analog video to my camcorder and then load it in by Firewire, or the reverse to output. Of course the Pinnacle software crashes a lot when capturing long videos.

Hardware MPEG-2 compression, though it doesn't seem to be any faster than software compression on my P4-3.06 now (was a lot faster than the P3-550 I originally had).

Other disadvantages:

Crashes and spontaneous reboots in Premiere. Pinnacle make good hardware, but their software is... well... not so good.

Confuses a lot of programs, which see it as a PCI graphics card in XP and try to run on it. I have to keep mine disabled except when using it.

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