Pinnacle Studio 7 and Sony PC5E

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Joined: Mar 5 2002

I'm sorry if this one has come up before, but I am having trouble connecting my camcorder to my new pc.

I loaded Studio 7 and have connected the camcorder to the pc via a Jessops IEEE1394 cable. The software gives the error message "Unable to initialise the DV device", implying that it cannot detect the Camcorder. The camcorder displays "DV in" so it seems to know that it is connected and the PC beeps when I turn the camcorder off, so it seems to know that the camcorder is there.

The pc is an Evesham, Athlon 1700+ processor with a Gigabyte motherboard. I don't know what Firewire card I have or much else about the internal workings. OS is windows XP.

Does anyone have any suggestions please?