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When I try to output to a vcr I get the following-unable to connect to DV plus hardware.Make sure the dv plus board is properly installed. restart your comp & try again.Is this a prob with XP, which I have recently installed. I had no problem with 98.Pinnacles answer was for me to unistall the software & firewire card & start again. This I did but still the same.They now want me to reformat my hard drive & try again.This seems a bit drastic & I'm not prepared to do it.Can anyone help.Buy the way if I reload the software it works once then I loose it again.

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you are installing in administrator mode ?

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If it's the same as Studio DV 8 then you need to go to MAKE MOVIE MODE and sellect "SETTINGS", then the tab "TAPE", then tick the box "AUTOMATICALLY START AND STOP RECORDING, you need to activate so the software can automatically Record and Stop the DV equipment.

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