Pioneer A03 review

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You need to re-review the bundled software again.

MYDVD is utterly useless at what it claims to do.
It does not recognise the A03, encodes AVI files appallingly and has so much trouble accepting many different video files with the most spurious of messages.
And Sonic dont seem to care too much about the lack of drive recognition. Pioneer simply pass any problem onto Sonic or VOB without a moments thought.

VOB has a definite problem with DVD-RW. One you format it, you can use it once and write to it, it's ok. But that's it. You cannot use the disk again to drag and drop video onto it as it no longer finalises the session.

I have spent 3 weeks solid trying to get a decent DVD but i feel i have wasted my money.

A big thank you to all the folks on the forum who have been helping out though.