Pixelated Graphics in Premiere Pro 1.5

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Joined: Dec 12 2005

I have a problem with Premiere Pro 1.5, every time I import an image (JPG,TIFF, PSD...) into the timeline and I preview it or render it, independent of the preview quality I have chosen (high, draft or automatic), the superimposed image appears in poor quality, almost pixelated. This means, it is not crisp and the edges are not sharp and defined.

The curious thing that makes me crazy :confused: is, that in my laptop (with Intel) I don´t have this problems when I load the same project, everything is fine. But in my workstation with AMD Athlon 3000+ everytime fails.

The only thing that I have thought is that because the AMD Athlon doesnt have SSE2, premiere pro 1.5 doesnt work fine at all.. Could it be possible??

Whats the problem with my computer??? Did this happen to anyone else?