Playback and recording to camera

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I have DV200 and premiere 6.01.
The system captures files perfectly but when playng back or recording to the camera in Premiere(it is alright on the monitor) the picture interrupts.

I have updated all drivers Bios etc.
The system is an athlon 900 with 512mb memory
Abit KTA7 Raid Board, two IBM 40 gig (one as boot drive and the other capture) These drives are on the Raid controller but not set up as a raid. Sound Card is Soundblaster live 1024, Geeforce2 MX400 Often when premiere is running it hangs up and often after usuing it the machine refuses to shutdown.

The boot drive is partioned with Partion Magic and the operating system is ME. I have tried exporting as movie and printing to tape from DVtools and get perfect recording for approximately 4 minutes then it stops as if it is finished though the file is 7 minutes long.

Should I set up the raid and put a boot drive on the ide?

Any ideas it is driving me mad

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Play back of DV from any HD connected to the highpoint (RAID) connector will be slightly choppy.

Try updating the BIOS and HPT drivers (look for the KT7A FAQ on [url=][/url] Also look for the PCI latency patch which should help with the HPT chipset. Alternatively switch to IDE 1 or 2

I sometimes have the same problem with DVtools. I normally use MS media player (ver6.4 - ver 7.x with WinMe did not work before I ditched Me) which outputs through the firewire port