'Portable Studio' for less than a tenner

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In Maplins yesterday for something else and noticed a bin with 'Portable Studios' for £9.99 (half-price). Assembled, it's a 40x40x40 cm cube with white translucent walls and ceiling for doing shadowless 'pack shots' . The floorcloth is double-sided, grey on one side, overlay blue the other.

It folds to a flat pack with carrying handle and tripod straps. Even if I only use it to get decent stills for eBay sales it should pay for itself.

Ray Liffen

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I'm on my way to Maplins to get one.

Here's the link if anyone's interested.

Thanks, Ray.

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John H Jones
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The price is £ 19.99 according to their web site. If Ray bought it for £ 9.99 he was lucky.

Alan Roberts
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Ray did say he got it half-price.

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