P.Pro and AAE FLV export problem

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Dave R Smith
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I've just tested the flv export on PPro v2 via export/adobe media encoder.
I used highest settings (couldn't see setting for widescreen/alternative pixel ratio).
The output is not smooth - I'm guessing 15 fps or less, but stated 'same as project' for frame rate within export module- which is widescreen dv project SD.

I downloaded 2 different programs to test the resulting flv, and they both play with a seemingly low frame rate.
It's normal video filmed avi - not animation etc.

I can't re-import to cross check the frame rate of the output file.

Can anyone say they have had good/smooth results from PPro 2 or AAE v7
or tell me if I'm doing something wrong.

Many thanks.

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I don't use PP2 but do use AE7, however I always use Macromedia Flash 8 Pro to encode my flash files. The source files are usually .avi lossless or Canopus HQ as well as DV files, always all 16x9.

Setting Flash 8 to encode using the newer On2 codec (Flash8) produces fantastic quality results, a million miles from Flash 7.

It needs you to untick the "retain aspect ratio" box and input your own pixel size at a 16x9 ratio, then you get correct aspect in your player.

An 8 minute music video clip using On2 codec with stereo sound at 96k (mp3 layer) and a pixel aspect of 368 x 207 as well as the "High" quality setting for the video stream, produces a file around 50mb, and very good it looks too - it also stills looks OK after Myspace have re encoded at their end too.


Dave R Smith
Joined: May 10 2005

Thank-you Paul for the reply and the detaild of your favoured settings.

Earlier I wondered if the low frame rate was used as the balancing factor to maintain a specific data rate, rather than adjusting image quality like most other codecs, so I produced a 240*182 which did run smooth on playback.

>It needs you to untick the "retain aspect ratio" box and input your own pixel size at a 16x9 ratio, then you get correct aspect in your player.
Wasn't clear on this, but from your example I believe you are saying the widescreen pixel ratio isn't used in flash, it displays in square pixels, so horizontal component needs to be approx 1.4* wider.

With your feedback i revisited aae, used 369*267, maintain apect ratio unticked and on2 used (probably used default/sorenson on previous tests) and produces a file of 3mb for 30 secs, which is about 15% smaller than the wmv variant I am trying to improve upon.

wmv version has usual panning horizontal lines/artefacts on some frames which I wish to reduce/eliminate. I have tried de-interlacing the avi source prior to export of the wmv, but this seems to make it look worse.

On a quick check I think the wmv is better quality than it's flv equivalent, but need to do some more testing.

Thank-you again Paul.

colin rowe
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Flash video

Just a thought chaps, check out Flash Video Studio 2. http://www.flashvideostudio.com/index.php?b=1 I struggled for an age trying to get to grips with flash files. I stumbled across this little gem of a program, and it does it all for me in a FLASH, (sorry). Excellent encoding, good choice of controls. I put up a couple of test clips on my website and have viewed on a variety of PCs with different monitors. I am very happy with every aspect of this programme, the best $50 I have spent in a long time

Colin Rowe

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Thanks for the link Colin - do you have any more resources? I'm just getting in the game and would love to expand my knowledge.

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