Prem + DV500 + XP Pro SP2?

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after installing Premier 6 and then the DV500 onto my computor, i find i cannot see any sign of footage going into the computor,prem appears to start ok and is set for s video in. The source machine is a Sony EVC2000E player.There appears to be a mixed opions in the forums on wether the 500 will work with sp2?.Bearing in mind all i want is a simple program capable of editing quite a few Hi8 holiday tapes,i would have liked to have had fade in and out.Can anyone suggest a more suitable program/card that would suit my needs.I have no plans to go dv with a new camera. My system is as follows XP Pro+SP2 vers 2002, 1,6GHz,1,516 RAM. AMD Athlon 1900+, KT3 Ultra-ARU(MS-6380E)ATX Mainboard,capture to S/Gate Barracuda ATA 7200,not compressed,NTFS.Freespace 126.12GB.Finished product to Yamaha 5200 not compressed NTFS,Freespace 68.14GB ( possible new Barracuda soon) any ideas or suggestions welcome,


Mick Wells
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Yes it will work with SP2, just make sure your set to either composite or svhs depending on your source.

Hope that helps

Mick: DV500, XP+SP2, P4 3.0ghz, 1GB Ram,

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DV500 + XP SP2 Does work!

The biggest problem I've found is getting the overlay layer right in premiere with the dv500.

It actually seems to be a little temperamental, and can require a clean boot into premiere to work properly.


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Confirm DV500 works with WinXP SP2?


I have recently moved my DV500 from an older Win2K box to a nice spiffy new WinXP box. The drivers downloaded from Pinnacle state that the driver will not work with WinXP SP2. I have installed them and they appear to have installed correctly but acting flaky.

Can you confirm that the DV500, the drivers available from Pinnacle, and WinXP SP2 (and all updates thereafter) will in fact work correctly using Premiere 6.5? Are there any special tweaks that need to be made to ensure the device and drivers will work correctly?

I really don't want to start this project and discover half-way through that it isn't actually working. If I have to, I'd much rather just dual-boot into Win2K (of course I'd rather just start on the project now with no other adjustments to the machine).

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!


Alan Craven
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Only the final version of the DV500 drivers will work with XP2, I seem to remember. In any case they are well worth having compared with earlier versions, as they provide some of the fancy effects from ProOne.

Unfortunately Pinnacle, in their wisdom, locked the DV500 forum nealy two years ago, so there are no recent posts, but if you look, I think you will find that DV500 was not generally at its best with an AMD processor.

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Hey Alan,

Thank you for your reply! It is greatly appreciated!!

My previous system was an AMD processor and it worked fine for years. My new system is an Athlon 4400, 2G RAM. The major difference between the old and the new is the OS, going from Win2K to WinXP. I plugged the DV500 back into the old system to make sure I didn't damage it when moving and installing it; the card still works as normal in the old system. I guess I will have to dual-boot and go from there. :-\

If I were to replace the card with something newer/better, do you have any suggestions? I mainly use the card for home movies/videos where I do a bunch of real-time color corrections and basic transitions and effects (dissolve, time stretch, etc). I've definitely saved countless hours with that. I currently have a regular DV camera and don't have a HDV camera (drool) and probably won't get one until three-chip camera prices become more reasonable.

Thanks again for your help and have a great day!


Mike Walters
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You could get a Matrox Rtx100 card which i use. I like it, it's fairly stable now i have it set up correctly and it will do all you want. The other thought though is just to get a copy of Premiere Pro and run it without a card. You can use a standard firewire port and with a fairly fast pc you should get a good responsive system to do all you want to do.

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Pinnacle was offering some trade-up incentives to users of the Premiere-based products they bought to switch to Liquid Edition and LE Pro. Not sure if it is still available from Avid (who bougth Pinnacle), but might be worth a look.