Premiere 5.1c & MiroDV300

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I need some help, suicide has been contemplated a number of times but even
> that seems to be too easy!
> I run a Gateway 2000PC, Pentium II, 400MHz with 384Ram, W98, and Premiere
> 5.1c with Miro DV300.
> I have worked this system for over 2 years (5.1c upgrade last year), and
> in
> all that time I have not been completely satisfied with the performance of
> Premiere. Without boring you with the zillion install uninstall procedures
> together with formatting hard drives and reloading W98 etc etc etc, I
> finally ended up with a solution that I could just about work with... i.e.
> exporting to tape before a project became longer than 15 mins, This was OK
> because I would fade out the last section of the project and then fade in
> the beginning of the next new project, so on and so forth until I finished
> my production which was usually about 60 to 90 mins long.
> Recently I have taken on work that must be continuous for 50 and 65 mins
> with a lip sync sound track. As such I need Premiere to work proper, and
> be
> able to export to tape continuous.
> The problem is as follows
> a)
> During rendering I get the occasional audioZZZZZDDDDD SHOOSH sound and
> simultaneously the TV displays scattered pixels of the frame wherever the
> edit line was resting at the time of rendering. where there are no pixelx
> the TV screen is grey, this fault may last for a split second or for as
> long
> as 1 second. The TV screen will then display grey while the rendering
> continues, this may occur at random a number of times or just the once.
> When
> rendering is completed premiere will play back from start the rendered
> project. During playback, again at random points within the project the
> same
> problem occurs. If I save the project, close the program and restart
> windows
> and back into the project again the fault will occur either immediately or
> again at random 2 or 3 times during playback.
> b)
> When exporting to tape (Sony DHR-1000UX) again at random the same problem
> occurs with the subsequent recorded tape showing the problem.
> c)
> Occasionally, during different sessions and new projects, No problem
> during
> rendering or playback, but the problem occurs during export to tape.
> d)
> The Quick time effects transitions that come with 5.1c, create freeze
> situations when I select any transition, this can be overcome by pressing
> escape which closes the quick time transition menu, I then exit Premiere
> and
> re-open it, select the same transition and no problem.
> I have had this problem since before 5.1c and found that by making my
> project no longer that 15 mins the above problem does not occur 8 times
> out
> of 10, I have updated drivers, re-set this and re-set that removed the
> Prem50 folder DMAs selected etc.
> I recently downloaded the DV200/300 1.7V drivers, and found that premiere
> seemed to behave a lot smoother as well as allowed for 4Gb capture via
> premiere, but the main problem continues to occur.
> The funny thing is, sometimes during export to tape I have no problems
> whatsoever until the last minute and then ZZZZZZZDDDDDD SHOOSH..
> Sorry to have gon on a bit but I really need to get this sorted,
> Any ideas?
> Andreas Andreou
> Digital Video
> PS I have also checked that their are no dropped frames and the entire
> project area is complete with no gaps in audio or video.

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This section of the forum is specifically for FAST-Dazzle products. You should post queries about other manufacturers' products in the Desktop Video - General section. I am sure someone will be able to help you there.

FAST UK Technical Support

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I realised the error, hence the latter posting in Computer video.

By the way, as an unsatisfied premiere user,could you privide information on your products.

Sorry and thanks