Premiere 6.0 Upgrade Offer (USA)

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Some good news from the Dazzle USA website:

... This offer has been extended. Product must be purchased by 5/15/01 and all requests must be postmarked no later than 05/31/01.

Note: The Adobe Premiere 6.0 software delivery date has been delayed until April 25, 2001 due to a delay in the certification process. The product is now certified and we are replicating CDs for distribution. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

End of DAZZLE announcemnt.

I note that at the Adobe site they now list AV as compatible using 1.5 +SP1 drivers. I guess the next question is what is the status of FAST.forward 1.6?

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Mike D
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WTG Fast/Dazzle!

Joined: Jan 2 2001 provides some additional information about SP1, which is the driver for Premiere 6.0. AV owners probably should monitor the section too since it often contains informtion of interest that is not cross posted here.

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Adobe Premiere upgrade

Dazzle Europe GmbH have announced that the upgrade to Adobe Premiere 6.0 is now available to users in the UK. The cost is £25, including VAT as well as handling, packaging and shipping from Dazzle Europe’s head office in Germany. Customers who purchased a or AV between 11.11.2000 and 06.04.2001 will be able to get the upgrade at this hugely preferential price.

The following information is required for your order to be processed:
- Your name, address, phone number, email address
- Serial number of the Adobe Premiere 5.1 full version (upgrade from 5.1 LE
is not available)
- Which product you have - or AV.
- The name of the retailer you purchased the product from, the date of purchase and the order number/invoice number. This offer in NOT valid if the product was purchased before 11.11.2000.
- Credit card details for payment. Please provide the credit card number and expiry date. Payment can only be accepted by credit card – only Mastercard/Eurocard and VISA are accepted. The price of £25 will be charged to your card.

Please send this information by one of the following methods:
- E-mail (
- Fax (020 8968 3715)
- Phone (09062 160 180, 25p/min line)

Please place your order as soon as possible, because this offer will be available for a limited time. Thank you for buying a and for upgrading to Premiere 6.0!

FAST UK Technical Support