Premiere 6.01 crashes with FF 1.7 driver

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I've already posted a message about the problem a few months back, but I got no response, so I'll try again.

I'm running Premiere 6.01 on a Windows 2000 SP2 system with the FAST 1.7 beta drivers (build 250). When I scrub DIF clips captured in Premiere with no audio, Premiere crashes with a "division by zero" error.

Is somebody from FAST monitoring this list? What happens to the bug reports we post here? When do you expect to release the 1.7 final version of the drivers?

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Thomas Anderson

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I am not with Dazzle/Fast, but Bug reports go to:

A new build (#252) was posted today (Jan 30) for d/l at Dazzle-Europe site in the beta software section (still beta test software). Per the post it includes some bug fixes and full audio support in Premiere.